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Beta, for those that don't know, is a term we use here for objects not fully developed. This page contains "works-in-progress" that may (or may not) be fully completed in a timely manner. They are safe to use, in that they shouldn't crash or harm your game by design. They just have certain things that aren't up to our perfecting standards as of yet, but still playable and fun. Please don't report problems to us about these because we don't fully support them yet. Please read our Terms Of Use. Beta objects are to be tried at your own risk, we assume no responsibility for any problems that may be caused. However to put your mind at ease, know that we wouldn't post them here if we didn't have a very good measure of trust in them.

Want to decide for yourself? Any issues should be fully detailed in the "readme" files included with each zip file, so you can read for yourself first. If you still have questions, please contact the creator of the object, listed below. Hope you enjoy them! :)


Instant New Roomie: The Starving Artist!

Click pic to download

Moving Box for the Starving Artist

Price: $500
Statistics: Added "family" member
Whether you're low on friends, or just looking for a quick roomie to help with the bills, Simslice Roomate Finders has just the dude for you! The Starving Artist was recently evicted and is desperately looking for a new place to live... and he'll take whatever he can get! Just put the cardboard box of his stuff on your lot and, if you choose, you can move him right into your "family". Don't forget to make him unpack his things so he will feel right at home in his new digs. Caution: For best results don't move MORE than one Starving Artist in a NEIGHBORHOOD. Hope you enjoy your new roomie. :)

This is a rather new way of hacking/installing downloads, and it has been tested to the hilt without any problems. The following files are included:

Install Simslice-StarvingArtist.iff into C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads
Install user00777.iff into C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Userdata##\Characters
Install Artist_5.fam into C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Userdata##\Export
Install both B002MASknlgt_starvinmarvin.bmp and C016MAlgt_starvinmarvin.bmp into
C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Skins

Update October 2, 2003: The previous file "user77777.iff" in this download has been renamed to "user00777.iff". This may not make a difference to many users, but it might for some. It is also possible that this download may require at least one of expansions: Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed or Superstar. That may be because the .fam file might have a different format pre-Hot Date (before the first away-from-home lots were added) than do post-Hot Date .fam files. This is all pure speculation at this point, and we'll keep you posted. Thank you Klimtdecor for these helpful ideas and for your beta testing help here. :)

Requirements: Unknown -- and this is the only reason this download is in BETA. The "Simslice-StarvingArtist.iff" file will work with any version of The Sims. But since I had all expansions through Superstar installed when I made the other files, I don't know if that would significantly affect the "Artist_5.fam" or "user00777.iff" file. So if you also have all expansions through Superstar, you should be fine to use this. However if you don't, it should probably still work for you anyway, but obviously I can't test that to be certain. Additional details are in the enclosed "readme" file, so please check that out too. Any feedback you have about your experiences with this would be helpful, and as we learn more we will let you know. Thank you and we hope you enjoy it. :)

Two At-Home Bars, with full staff!

Click pic to download BETA version...

Price (brown): $5217 + $300/day
Price (blue): $4994 + $300/day
Fun 2; Bladder -1

These only requires HD. Two fully-stocked bars can now be used in your very own home. They come complete with Bartender, Barmaid and Pianist (if you have a piano). Also has new drink options instead of the standard ones. See important details in the enclosed readme file.

All drinks are free, but the staff will charge you $300/day for their services.

3 Drinks: Beer, Milk of Amnesia, and Heavin' Steven.

Staff promises to be available for you 'round the clock, with a fully stocked bar at all times. This at-home item may be the talk of the town... just wait 'til "Bob" hears about it... :o

Requirements: Hot Date EP only

At-Home Dining Podium (from Downtown)

Click pic to download BETA version...

It´s the HD Downtown podium without the code to self-destruct, so it can be used in places other than Downtown (Home, Vacation, Old Town etc.). Also categorized for kitchen (although for me it appeared in Miscellaneous). HoneyBC (Simslice Forum member) tried it OldTown. It requires other programs to be categorized elsewhere though (such as Sim Categorizer or The Sims Object Categorizer - website links are on Simslice's Links page).

1/24/03 UPDATE:
ow both cheap and expensive podiums are available in this download.

Requirements: Hot Date EP


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