Credit for all those that helped make theKattz Tooth Fairy NPC possible:

1) Kattz: for being Kattz ;)

2) Tooth Fairy NPC and Object Cloning & Hacking: Homeslice

3) NPC Body Mesh and clothing design: Max Heilman formerly of Seneca’s Wicked Sims, who
has long since left the Community and who we miss greatly.

4) NPC skin coloring & compilation of skin files: DoodlebugUK

5) Toothbox object design: HoneyBC

6) NPC wings, wand & tiara: Turock at Simfanatics (

7) NPC head mesh: Velaria's Simgirls (

8) Getting a good Sim-likeness of Kattz's real-life face: dak184

9) Special thanks for additional work; such as, ideas, suggestions, support, criticism,
and beta testing goes to Simslice forum members:

AlexisInferno, bearrister, dak184, Deb DeHaven, DoodlebugUK, Ellis512, eswenhasit,
Guabaman58, Homeslice, HoneyBC, JazzyJezebel, nodumbblonde88, rosanataraja, Sybella,
tibicina, wealthysim, Winddrops