Slice City v1.2 "A game within a game..."

Decorative objects

Download (3.92 MB) Download Hacked Object Slice City

Creator: Simslice
Power-Plant Price: §100
Power-Plant Stats: Room 10
Power-Plant Category: Electronics (see pic)

City Road, Building & Structure Creators: Simslice & Sir Laphelot
City Road Price: §1
City Road Category: Decorative
Building & Stucture Stats: Fun 3; Room 2 (or Negative Score if Rubble
Citizen Stats: Fun 7 Room 3

Visit Download Page Download Add-Ons: Get Add-Ons for your existing Slice City: Seaport, City Hall, DC Landmarks, Marina, Highway Sign, Casino District, Mini-Trees, & More

Download Instructions: Slice City v1.2, zipped by Winzip Please close all other programs before downloading. We recommend not using Simzip, or any sims-specific program to unzip it, as these are reported to sometimes corrupt certain object files.

Requirements: The Sims Only. Livin' Large (SD, DD) recommended for better game play.
Read More About File Requirements

Media: Video of a few Slice City interactions

Articles: Slice City has been featured in many publications, including:
BBC News, Wired Magazine, PC Gamer UK, & Folha De S. Paulo

The Power Plant Description: Place it anywhere on your lot to begin. Only buy one per lot for best gameplay. If this is your first time here, please read everything below carefully.

The City Road Description: A flat road tile that, when put end to end to form roads, can spawn traffic at rushhour times.

Slice City: "The other city that never sleeps". The city is awake and alive with hustle and bustle 24/7! Citizens use businesses, homes, parks, etc. for work and play, and these all cost you money to maintain. The happier the little people are in their habitat, the harder they will work, and the more profit you will make from them. Well-maintained cities can encourage more citizens to move in there. This will not only increase your population, but also your city size... and your profit margin. Cities that are neglected or not well-maintained will cease growing, or slowly deteriorate until they are nothing but piles of rubble. Using the various "disasters" (including a tornado option) can do that in much less time. ;) So to maximize your worker's output, keep all structures "refurbished". Your citizens may even help you do that on occasion too. And if you need more help, ask The Gardener. :)

The Citizens: Need power from the Power Plant to do any expanding. The Power Plant started in the "ON" position, but you can "Power it down" (by clicking on it) to stop your city from growing any further, and to keep your daily profits/costs stabilized (good for those that like the small town feel). "Power it up" again to allow for potential growth to resume (good for those that like the larger city life). City costs, profits and growth (if any) are calculated each midnight (between 11:55pm and 12:05am).

Other: Slice City Gameplay Tips.

Extra Special Thanks to: Sir_Laphelot, whose tireless effort on the City Road helped make version 1.2 a reality. Special Thanks to: Jeanne for providing translations for Dutch users and beta testing on the Dutch game version. Special Thanks to: Forum member KingSpore and the other members for helping come up with the name "Slice City."

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