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"Light Fire" starts the fireplace as usual. Other options are "Sit By Fire", "Stoke Fire", "Quick Cook" and "Burn Something". Two fireplaces are available - a classic wood model, which is a nice diversion from standard brick and stone ones that come with the game. The other is a metallic chrome - good when regular fireplaces just don't look right, such as in futuristic homes or those with gray or metal walls
Stoke the fire regularly to keep the flames burning longer. Sims with low Cooking skills might make a little mess from time to time, which can easily be cleaned up.
Cook a hearty meal for all your guests right over the fire! It costs the same as the group dinner from the fridge and is just as filling, but takes only a fraction of the time to cook. Work on your cooking Skills to cook even better meals.
"Burn Something" is for the mischievous types who just can't help but toss something in the flames. No real fire will ever start, but it can cause smoke that might set off the smoke alarm. These are "safe" fireplaces in that they never spread fires -- you can finally decorate around the fireplace all you want, without worrying about burning down your home!.
In addition to the options mentioned above, the "Join" feature is also included (but not pictured here): click on any guest and select "Sit By Fire" from their menu options to have them join you by the fire for comfort, fun and conversation.
These two Express Child Adoptions are recolored versions of our original object - these come in blue for boys and pink for girls. Your adopted child appears immediately, so those long days and sleepless nights of exhausting baby care are finally over!
Pictures of friends and family are essential for a good family room. Sims from my game posed with these fireplaces for these two paintings, and they will max out the room score of the room they are hung in... and keep it maxed out... always. You never have to worry about room scores again. They make a great addition to the fun and comfortable environment that the Family Fireplaces strive to provide.


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