Game Controls:

N = Start New Game P = Toggle Pause/Unpause S = Toggle Sound On/Off I = Insane AI Mode

Basically, you control the little yellow guy with the arrow keys, eat all the dots and avoid the ghosts. There are five different boards and the occasional fruit. Scroll down to view game and begin playing!

This game by Benny Chow was showcased on Sun Microsystems' website for demonstrating Java applet technology over the web. Numerous students have used the game's source code for research projects in computer AI. The game was ported to DirectX C++ by a commercial company to demonstrate their various AI agents. The game is supposedly bundled by Microsoft in the J# tutorials demonstrating the "ease of upgrade" ;) from J++ to J#.

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Scroll down if needed to center this game on your screen.
Click on the game screen. Press N to start!