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Classic Motorcycles & Vintage Pumps!

Bigger pics: pic#1 | pic #2 | pic #3 | pic #4

These are factory NON-Chopper type motorcycles and are a Sims 3 First! Such classic bikes inspired by Harley-Davidson, Indian, OCC, Triumph and more! Four (4) different gas pumps are also available for your riding needs. Enjoy, and Happy 10-10-10 everyone!

Details and downloads by Wintermuteai1 in our TS3 Guest Objects section.

Nine (9) Security Cameras / Alarms!

Bigger pics: pic#1 | pic #2

Nine (9) security cameras that sit nicely on any surface in your home and will emit a silent alarm to summon the Police in the event of an intruder. Three different styles available for each. Including some inspired by the infamous HAL 9000, the fictional computer in Arthur C. Clarke's "Space Odyssey" saga. A TS2 inspired Servo model is also available. Details and downloads by Wintermuteai1 in our TS3 Guest Objects section.

Four (4) "Shop At Home" Registers with NPCs!

Never leave home to shop again! Now you can buy away-from-home items right from the comfort of your very own home... and from your own personal a 24/7 NPC clerk! Just place one of our four (4) special registers on any counter, allowing space behind & in front of it for yourself and the NPC to stand. Shortly, an NPC will arrive to man the register. Then click on them and choose "Buy Items". These registers can sell your Sims: 1) Books, 2) Food, 3) Nectary (nectar storage & equiptment), and 4) RARITIES! (various gems & metals). Happy at-home shopping! Details and downloads by Wintermuteai1 in our TS3 Guest Objects section.

Even more site updates & downloads are coming in just a few days!

Twenty-one (21) New TS3 Objects!

Eight (8) of the 21 new downloads include these delicious edible gummy, lime and vanilla candies, plus a fruit and veggie. You can buy them from Buy Mode and eat on the spot, or store in inventory until later, to increase your motives and give special buffs. Details and downloads by Wintermuteai1 in our TS3 Guest Objects section.

Thirteen (13) Home Collection Objects!

Bigger pics: pic#1 | pic #2 | pic #3 | pic #4

These Home Collection objects include a variety of necessities and fun recreational items, including a three-wheeled trike scooter, "Mummy" teddy bear, cow-skin rug (a must have!). Plus statues and other decor and several "interactable" furniture items ideal for your woody rustic home. Details and downloads by Wintermuteai1 in our TS3 Guest Objects section. Enjoy!

BloodRayne inspired NPC!

Bigger pics: pic#1 | pic#2 | pic#3 | pic#4

Use this Brimstone Society artifact to spawn the vampire-loathing BloodRayne inspired NPC, similar to the character that inspired movies, videogames and comics world-wide. She is a completely NEW and UNIQUE character we created, with her own needs, personality, skills and interests, and is fully interactive just like regular Sims.

Details and downloads by Homeslice in TS2 Objects.

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