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Deluxe Weather Seasons Package In Action

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The Deluxe Weather Machine! (no expansions required!)
The Original Weather Machine! (no expansions required!)

Weather Includes: Rain Showers, Snow Storms, Hail Storms, Meteor Showers, Twisters, Fall Leaves blowing about, Acid Rain, Candy Showers (edible) and it can even "rain cats & dogs"... literally...

(we also have Weather for The Sims 2 game, separately)

Raindrops falling outside, leaving occassional rainpuddlesLightening and rain...Twister and debrisAttempting to neutralize a tornado with special equiptment
Hail storm!Meteor shower!Acid Rain!"Raining Cats & Dogs"... literally...
Pic of yard after a big snow storm...Playing in the snow...Snow flakes falling outside, leaving snow on the ground
Alien Probe!What mysteries can be dug out of a meteorite?It's raining cats & dogs... and they are so friendly...Another Twister!
Showers of edible candy... just like in real life.... ;)More Hail!Find creative uses for fallen hail...Interact with puddles of acid after a storm....

Diving in a leaf pile....Swirl of Fall leaves, blowing around the yard in the wind....In a leaf pile....

Main Machine Pie Menu Options:

Original Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #1Original Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #2Original Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #3

Deluxe Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #2Deluxe Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #3

Auto-Seasons Daily Weather Report (just a few samples):

Deluxe Weather Machine - Pie Menu Option #1sample #1sample #2

sample #3sample #4



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Thirty (30) objects total, plus new features that provide the Ultimate Weather & Outdoor Climate Control Experience for your Sims!

Use weather (like swirling Fall leaves shown here) to add a realistic charm to your yard!

We also have Weather for:

The "Rain Maker" Obelisk for The Sims 2 Game - Click here for details

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