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Choose "Light Rain", "Heavy Rain", "Thunderstorm" or "Lightening". These screenshots show just a sample of what this object can do. There are fun animations and potential consequences for bad dancing too. :p This is also listed in our Sims 2 Objects page. If you didn't come here from that page, the description and download link has been pasted (below) for your convenience:

Description and Download link below:

By: Homeslice
In-Game Price: §1,969
Category: Electronics
Statistics: Makes four different types of rain-related weather, and in an entertaining way!

Description: Approach this ancient droplet-looking obelisk and do your "Rain Dance". If your dance is deemed worthy, the Rain Maker will send a signal to the atmosphere and soon afterwards your lot will fill with the pitter patter of little rain drops! Rain showers can last several Sim hours, depending on the severity of the storm you chose. Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm and even Lightening. The actual weather itself is based upon the rain originally intended for The Sims 2 game that was abandoned prior to it's release, and it has been adjusted a bit here for our purposes. See readme file for important gameplay details.

Enabled for use at-home and on all away-from-home lots.

Requirements: None - made to work with any version of The Sims 2.

Download: 704 kb zipped

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