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Not just weather... a simulated weather climate for your game!

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By: Homeslice
In-Game Price: §10,000
Category: Electronics
Statistics: Finally have a simulated weather climate in your game!


Description: Climate control has reached a new level, from Simslice the original weather makers! This version for TS2 has six unique weather patterns: Snow, Rain, Autumn (Fall leaves), Pizza Showers (couldn't resist) or make it rain cats & dogs... literally! We also included a "Rain Sims" feature - you choose gender and age, and cause a variety of random Sim visitors to fall from the sky and splat down face-first onto your lawn... to say hi. Most importantly, this has the Auto-Seasons feature! With Auto-Seasons "On", you get a daily weather report and experience consistent weather conditions automatically during the day, based on that report. It happens on it's own, automatically, just like real weather! Turn Auto-Seasons "Off" to terminate your climate at anytime. You can also manually operate the machine to produce weather anytime you choose. Enjoy snowball fights with your friends, playing in autumn leaves, splashing around in the rain, or if you're in a silly (and hungry) mood, let it rain Pizza slices! Or (if you have the Pets expansion pack), you can make it rain cats & dogs... for real! All weather only happens outside (for example, it will not rain inside). Various accumulation appears on the ground, all of which can be interacted with... including a few wildly fun surprises too. Or just click a button to stop all showers or remove all debris from the ground instantly. Several types of autumn leaf piles to play in and a few Fall veggies too, are also included, with permission, by the creator's of the Jwoods Autumn Donation Set with thanks. Cosmetic updates were also made in February 2007. No expansions required to use this -- you do not need the Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack! This was a lot of work to create (28 files total) and I hope you enjoy this simulated weather experience in your TS2 game. :) Enabled for use at-home and on all away-from-home lots.

Updated June 2007: Acid Rain feature added! Daring Sims can splash around in acid puddles for Fun points, but it's not so good for Hygiene and the chemicals could be harmful to clothing... or have other (non-lethal) consequences... ;). No expansion required for the Acid Rain. In addition, if you have the Seasons expansion pack you now can have access to all the Weathernaught 57X weather that came with that expansion. This includes the elusive Reign of Fire, which you can now summon safely anytime... and without risk of injury or loss of property. Also you can now recharge the Weathernaught using this Weather Machine... so instead of only a measly 5 uses, the Weathernaught can now last you forever!

Loads of additional details are in the enclosed "readme" file.

REQUIREMENTS: NONE - made to work with any version of The Sims 2. You do NOT need Seasons or any other expansion pack to use this.

Download: 3.16 mb zipped

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